Metal Stud Framing

Fairfield Insulation and Drywall has over 40 years of experience in commercial construction with cold formed metal stud framing. We install heavy gauge steel for load bearing walls and light gauge metal framing for interior partitions.

Our framers read prints accurately, use textbook framing techniques and power tool practices to be certain that framing is truly plum, level, and square. We strive to frame without error for the GCs and thereby ensure accurate drywall, insulation, and acoustic ceiling installation.

We promote work-place safety on every project and all our employees are committed to safety and expected to follow all OSHA standards.

Our good reputation in accuracy, efficiency, and communication around the Greater Columbus area has made us the subcontractor of choice for metal stud framing.


At Fairfield Insulation and Drywall, drywall installation is our primary business service. We are experienced in a wide range of commercial projects including grocery stores, car dealerships, healthcare facilities, retail and office spaces, churches, restaurants and many more.

We understand that a workable schedule is crucial to a project’s completion. We strive to communicate well with general contractors to be as efficient as possible while maintaining quality. Working with time constraints and around other tradesmen to deliver our service is a strong suit.

We believe that drywall finish often allows the architect’s design to make a statement. We frequently provide Level 5 finishes when specified to ensure this statement is professional, flawless, and purposeful.

Fairfield accepts bid invitations for sheet rock projects throughout the year.


We have over 40 years of experience and offer a wide range of products and techniques to meet the needs of any commercial project. We install batting (faced and unfaced), blown-in options, rigid board fiberglass, and liquid applied barriers.

We focus on crafting tight seals and custom fittings on our insulation and vapor barriers to provide maximum energy efficiency and noise reduction for the end consumer.

As an experienced commercial insulation installer in Greater Columbus, we’re equipped to complete a wide range of insulation projects on time and on budget. Our expert insulation team provides unmatched service and consistent quality on any project.

Acoustical Ceilings

We specialize in grid and acoustical tile installation. We have a wide range of commercial construction experience and our team can assist you in determining which acoustic ceiling tile options will best enhance your design.

Our acoustical ceilings effectively buffer HVAC system noise, provide insulation and privacy, and maximize lighting to provide an overall peaceful atmosphere.

We install suspended cloud ceilings, specialty ceilings, and standard drop ceilings. Our cost-effective options are versatile and adaptable for a variety of situations and aesthetics.

At Fairfield, we dedicate ourselves to providing you with superior service that reflects our quality and professionalism. With a commitment to safety, our team strives to deliver exceptional quality workmanship on every installation.

About Us

Fairfield Insulation and Drywall has served the Greater Columbus area for over 40 years. Based in Lancaster, Ohio, we take pride in our high standards of craftsmanship, integrity, and diligence.

We build to see our community grow with us.